A leading provider of energy management solutions and products.

Energy Management

Daltco Electric provides the following Services and Solutions:

  • Lighting specialists on staff
  • Perform energy audits with Eco-insight software (showing full payback and rate of return calculations on multiple options – LED and traditional light sources)
  • Lighting product and technology seminars
  • Capabilities to administer Hydro “Save on Energy” instant discount
  • Improve your energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of your company
  • Power monitoring product offering
  • Individual load monitoring tools-Eyedro

Key Energy Management Vendor Partners:

  • Schneider Electric-total building energy audit solutions
  • Philips Lighting-full offering of traditional lamp/ballasts and LED lamps/drivers
  • Philips Luminaires-industry leading basket of light fixtures (CFI, Lightolier, Gardo, Keene, Lumec, Color Kinetics, Ledalite)
  • Leviton-Lighting control solutions
  • Fluke-Energy monitoring product offering
  • Eco-Insight-Energy audit solutions
  • Eyedro-Real time electricity monitoring solutions