What Is Electrical Distribution all About?

Electrical distribution is a cutting-edge industry that buys, sells, and delivers thousands of products from the companies that make them (manufacturers) to the people who use them (plants, contractors, commercial sites, and service professionals). The electrical industry is focused on products, whether wire for new housing, automation equipment for factories, or electrical panels to convert solar energy. The varied projects in the field provide the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment with various leading edge technologies.

Moreover, the electrical industry provides a stable and secure marketplace, where demand for products is always high. The constant demand for electrical products means that our business is less susceptible to the ups and downs of other industries such as high tech or manufacturing.

The Daltco Difference

Daltco Electric has the size and scale of a $30 billion electrical buying group (as a member of Affiliated Distributors) with the flexibility and local presence of an independent entrepreneurial company. This best of both worlds situation allows for high growth and stability.

While the electrical industry is focused on thousands of varied products, at Daltco, we are equally focused on people – people with an energy for the industry and an eagerness to learn. Our goal is to attract and retain exceptional individuals, and provide them with opportunities for continual growth and promotion. Daltco strives to create a family-like environment for its employees, and is committed to developing and promoting existing employees. Our numerous long term employees are testament to our commitment to promoting from within. 85% of our management team has worked at Daltco for more than ten years.